Electronic Systems for Electric Vehicles

State of the Art Power Electronics Coupled with Advanced Software

Specializing in The Heart of the Electric Vehicle - The Controller
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Synkromotive designs, manufactures and supplies a product line of electric vehicle components. We strive to deliver performance, efficiency and safety in our products combining state of the art power electronics with advanced software to address a growing need to supply consumers with alternative methods of transportation.

With over 20 years experience working in the electronics industry, co-founder and owner, Ives Meadors, openly shares his vast knowledge and expertise in product development, testing engineering, and project management in both consumer and industrial electronics. Ives followed electric drive vehicle technology for many years before entering the EV world in 1998. This innovative, forward thinking individual was converting vehicles to electricity before it was even a popular consideration. His specialization in power controls, including battery charging and management systems led to his co-founding Synkromotive LLC in 2007.

Why wouldn't you want to utilize the professional services and benefit from the brilliantly designed electric vehicle components designed by one of the leading developers in this industry, from the Electric Vehicle Capital of the world - Portland, Oregon?

Video: Synkromotive digital electric motor controller in Nissan electric vehicle truck demonstration.




 It's unbelievable how it maintains a sane
temperature under load. There's some top-notch thermal design in that thing!

This is most certainly a device we are
interested in promoting and distributing! There are too many things to list that I like about it. But to name a few, it is well thought out in terms of features, operates very smoothly and powerfully, is attractive, fits in with several of the features we value in our controllers (e.g. high quality connector, CANbus capability, even black and red color scheme!)

I am very pleased with this controller!

Ryan Bohm
NG Controls

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